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Windows Tweaks and Fixes

This is a collection of scripts I regularly use to fix windows problems; some of them I have written myself and some I’ve gotten from others.

ClearEventViewerLog.ps1 – Clears the event viewer log that can get easily bloated over time

DisableMemoryCompression.ps1 – Disables Windows Memory Compression, which should improve application latency at the cost of a little extra memory

EnableLongPaths.ps1 – Enables Windows to deal with file paths that are longer than 255 characters

Fix_Wifi_Ping_Spikes.bat – Enables/Disables Windows WiFi Discovery; when it is off ping spikes are dramatically reduced, sometimes from 70ms down to 2ms

Regular_Maintenance.bat – Very powerful windows repair script that I wrote, does the usual DISM and SFC stuff, and also fixes the Windows Store, Start Menu and other Windows exclusive packages – This script can often bring Windows 10 back from the brink of death

Bring Back/Remove Open With Option on Context Menu.bat – This script will restore the “Open With” context dialog in the event that it has gone missing

SearchAndPackagesFix.ps1 – This script I wrote attempts to re-install all windows packages and also tries to fix the Windows start menu (It is used by Regular_Maintenance.bat)

Decrapify.ps1 – A powerful third-party script that lets you remove bloatware from Windows (be very careful what you select to remove as some packages are required by Windows)

You can download them all as a zip file here ->

The password is: “amire”

(without the quotes)

Additionally I like to use BleachBit to clean the temp file mess created by Windows update and Wise Registry Cleaner(This link gives you a discount you can’t ordinary get) to clean the Windows Registry.

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